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Planning a Long Trip? What Expatriates Need to Know Thumbnail

Planning a Long Trip? What Expatriates Need to Know

There has been a lot of talk—and even some action—in recent days about people wanting to move outside the US. Our tumultuous election cycle has inspired people from all walks of life and political leanings to at least consider the idea of emigration. For example, on election night, a high volume of visitors crashed Canada’s immigration website and New Zealand’s official immigration site saw over 56,000 visits in just 24 hours, compared to its usual 2,300 visits. Perhaps, for some, emigration is more than an impassioned threat.

If you’re seriously considering moving abroad, before you pack your bags or sign your resignation letter, we at Insurance Services of America suggest you consider your health insurance options once you leave American soil…

Many of our clients are volunteers and missionaries who live, for the majority of the year, outside of the US. In essence, they have been living an expat lifestyle while doing their philanthropic work. Though many are employed through US-based organizations, many are responsible for procuring their own health insurance coverage. But finding an insurance plan that also covers medical expenses for illnesses, injuries or wellness visits overseas and is also compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is impossible—such a plan simply doesn’t exist.

Whether you love or loathe the ACA, the fact is, this legislation did not take into account people like our clients—or expats—who work, live and need health care outside of the US.

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Advice For Future Exchange Students Thumbnail

Advice For Future Exchange Students

Getting a chance to experience life in a different part of the world can be one of two things; exciting or terrifying. Which ever you decide is the case, one thing that’s certain is that living outside of your comfort zone is overwhelming.

Below (when you click the link) is a list of advice and tips for future exchange students so that their adaptation to a new “foreign” life can come as smooth as possible. If you have decided to take that overwhelming journey of becoming an exchange student, make sure that you get the most out of everything you experience. Read the whole article here!

We have also included the highlight flyers to our Meridian International Major Medical  plan. Be sure that you are secured with a great insurance plan before you board your plane! One less thing to worry about is a good thing.

5 Tips for Protecting Your Family While Living Abroad Thumbnail

5 Tips for Protecting Your Family While Living Abroad

One of the single most important issues for all families across the world is protecting them against the challenging surprises of life. This can become a particular concern for expats, as each country is different.

There is a wide range of policies on the market that should suit everyone; the tricky bit is picking which ones are suitable! Christopher Wicks director of Bridgewater Financial Services says:

“It is imperative that an assessment is carried out by either an international bank, or an independent specialist protection adviser to avoid over- or underinsuring.”

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