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An Unbelievable True Story

An Unbelievable True Story Featured Image

As a tour guide working in Morocco, our client experienced many amazing sights as she educated visitors about the local culture. But it was her own vacation to Laos that gave her a truly unbelievable–and harrowing–experience. Read her stranger-than-fiction story below.

“It was February 1st and I was enjoying my vacation in Southeast Asia. I was doing a little shopping in Laos, strolling down the main street when, suddenly, I heard a loud roar. I had no idea what this noise could be. It was sunny, so it couldn’t be thunder…

Well, I couldn’t stand still and contemplate the strange noise for very long. Instantly, I began running when I realized the “roar” was in fact cement blocks falling from the sky!

As the walls crashed around me, I fell unconscious to the sidewalk. When I woke up, people began to help me. I remember an Australian man first came to my aid, then a lovely lady from the Canadian Embassy came and stayed with me. She had been across the street when the blocks began their downward cascade. Ironically, the old French-era building, now a pile of rubble on the ground, was under restoration by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism!

An ambulance took me to the local hospital where I was evaluated and stitched up. But having had a glance at the hospital’s primitive restroom, rife with mosquitos, I was sure I did not want to stay there. So with the help of the American Embassy Consulate, I was taken back to my hotel room via stretcher.

Once settled back into the hotel, I immediately called Adam Bates of Insurance Services of America. I have been receiving international health insurance from Adam for decades; ever since I started working in Morocco. I have no idea what time it was in the US, but Adam came to my rescue and between him and the American Consulate, an ambulance was arranged to take me to the Bangkok Hospital in Udon Thani, Thailand. The Bangkok Hospital and its staff were absolutely marvelous! I was there for about three weeks recovering from my injuries before being released to go home.

I went home to Morocco in a wheelchair. I needed special papers from all my doctors saying I could travel. Though I did have some difficulties leaving Bangkok, Adam Bates was always there for me when I had questions or needed help with my next steps. When the injuries I had sustained to my knees needed a surgery and physical therapy to be performed in a French hospital, he helped coordinate my coverage in France. 

In late July, I returned to the US still on crutches, but on my way to recovery. All my medical expenses in Laos, Thailand, Morocco and France were covered, with the exception of my $500 deductible.

I am now fully recovered except for some scars to remind me of that trauma. I will never go without international insurance

Thank you Adam Bates! Thank you Insurance Services of America!”

Thankfully, collapsing buildings are not common accidents. Nevertheless, we are here to prepare you for any “out-of-the-blue” situation you may encounter abroad.

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