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How to Travel Safer Beyond Just a Mask!

How to Travel Safer Beyond Just a Mask! Featured Image

If you purchase a travel medical plan nowadays, one thing you should certainly consider is whether or not the policy covers COVID-19.  The new release of the Atlas Travel medical plans  now includes coverage for COVID-19, in addition to new accidents and new illnesses. A much needed additional security beyond the wearing of a mask. Don’t leave your home country without COVID-19 protection.

For anything small, such as a cold or a cut requiring stitches, go ahead, and seek treatment and make sure to ask for a copy of your medical records. All international insurance companies will require documentation showing where you went for treatment, what your symptoms were, and what they did for you. It is imperative that you or someone on your behalf asks for this information before you leave a facility, because if you do not – they will not reimburse you. You will also want to have a receipt for any payments, written prescriptions, and even the actual label from the medication. Do not worry about language translation, the insurance company will take care of that for you.

If you incur a major medical emergency and need to go to the hospital, make sure to call the doctor as soon as possible, if not within 48 hours. Each international insurance company will have their own pre-certification requirements, so make sure to ask an expert, or read the binding document of your insurance plan. The reason to call the emergency assistance number on your ID card is twofold – 1. The insurance company will begin medical management of your specific case to ensure you are receiving adequate medical treatment and 2. If the facility where you are located does not have adequate treatment, the insurance company will initiate an emergency medical evacuation, if it is safe enough for you to be moved. You cannot arrange an evacuation on your own, otherwise it will not be covered.

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