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The following examples demonstrate how visitor insurance, travel insurance, and term life insurance work for non-US citizens.

Health Insurance for US Visitors & Immigrants

Isabel is a medical student studying in the US and each summer her mother Edna visits her for a few weeks. Edna flies a long way from India to visit her daughter. Though the trip is tiring, she’s more than happy to make the journey.

Isabel knows medical costs in America are very expensive. So even though Edna is healthy, Isabel always buys visitor insurance for her mother in case there is a medical emergency during her trip.

On her most recent visit, Edna experienced persistent pains in the side of her abdomen; Isabel grew concerned. Her training in medical school told her this may be the first stage of appendicitis, a condition that could become fatal if not treated within a few hours.

Isabel took her mother to the hospital emergency room. There, tests confirmed that Edna needed emergency surgery to remove her appendix. Thankfully, the surgery was successful and in a couple days Edna was released from the hospital. She spent the remainder of her visit recovering and was able to fly home as scheduled.

Without her visitor insurance, Edna would have been billed $35,000 for her time at the emergency room, doctor’s fees, surgery, and follow-up care. However, because Isabel had purchased an insurance plan for her mother, the total costs were only $1,400 ($150 for the insurance premium, a $250 insurance deductible, and $1,000 coinsurance). Visitor insurance helped Edna save $33,600.

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Travel Insurance for Non-US Destinations

Daniel and his wife Toni are citizens of South Africa planning a European vacation. They applied for Schengen travel visas and need to show proof of medical insurance for the duration of their three-month trip.

The Schengen travel visa requires that their travel medical insurance provides specific health insurance benefits, emergency medical evacuation coverage, and a benefit for the repatriation of mortal remains. The couple went online and purchased one of our travel medical insurance plans, which satisfy all the Schengen travel visa requirements.

As an added benefit, they were able to print a confirmation of their insurance the same day they purchased the plan. They lost no time in sending proof of medical insurance along with their Schengen visa applications.

After their visas were issued, Daniel and Toni were off. Thankfully, they didn’t experience any medical emergencies during their trip. They did, however, miss one of their trains while in France.

Unable to communicate with the train station’s ticketing agent, Daniel called the travel assistance phone line listed on the back of his insurance card. Within minutes, a multi-lingual operator helped the couple purchase new tickets for the next train and helped keep their trip on schedule.

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International Life and AD&D Insurance

Several years ago, Gianni relocated his family to Nigeria from Italy. There, he works as a contractor for a civil engineering company. The company provides basic health insurance for Gianni, his wife, and three children, but does not include a life insurance or accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) benefit.

Shortly after settling into his new home, Gianni purchased one of our custom international term life insurance policies with an AD&D benefit. In case he passes away while in Nigeria, he wants to make sure his wife and children will have money to pay bills and move back to Italy. He also wants his family to have money to pay for funeral expenses and repatriation costs.

The international term life insurance plan he purchased ensures if he loses a limb or passes away, that his family will be compensated financially with enough money to pay the family’s debts, estate taxes, and funeral costs.

Thankfully, Gianni and his family haven’t had to use their international life and AD&D insurance, but for a small monthly premium, Gianni’s family has peace of mind knowing if the worst happens, their finances will be taken care of.

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