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Traveling to the States from Canada: What Canadian Citizens Should Do Before They Leave

Traveling to the States from Canada: What Canadian Citizens Should Do Before They Leave Featured Image

While they may be a part of the same continent and share a border, Canada and the United States are completely different countries with unique entry requirements. It can be tricky to know all of the things that Canadian citizens need to do before entering the USA, which is why it is important to be aware of the following tips that can help make your time in America as efficient and stress free as possible. Here are some valuable things to keep in mind when heading south from Canada into the U.S.

Have your documents ready

If traveling to the United States by air, you will be required to show officials your Canadian passport or Air NEXUS card upon leaving the country. If entering the U.S. by land or sea, prepare to show your Canadian passport, NEXUS card, enhanced driver’s license or ID card, FAST/EXPRES or SENTRI card. These documents prove that you are legally allowed to enter the United States and will dictate how long you can stay in America, typically for up to six months.

Look into where you are visiting

Before embarking on your trip, look into the area where you will be visiting. With so many bad neighborhoods in most U.S. cities, it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Since America has a much higher crime rate compared to Canada, it is wise to keep all doors locked and to ensure that the area where you are staying is located in a good neighborhood.

Secure health insurance

Nothing is worse than having a medical emergency while traveling overseas without health insurance. For any trip out of the country, it is imperative that you purchase health insurance to ensure that you are protected from any medical emergency away from home. Take the time to find the appropriate coverage for your needs to stay safe while spending time in a foreign country.

By keeping these helpful tips in mind, you can travel safely to the United States from Canada. For more information on overseas health insurance, contact Insurance Services of America today at (800) 647-4589.

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