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Coming to Study in the US? What You Need to Know First

Coming to Study in the US? What You Need to Know First Featured Image

The choice to study abroad in the United States is both exciting and nerve racking. Of course the best way to learn about a culture is to be fully immersed in it, including (but not limited to) food, transportation, fashion, and finances. As you’re probably aware, the United States is quite different from other countries in all of those aspects. To adjust a little quicker upon arrival, familiarize yourself with a few key pieces of information about American culture before leaving your home country.

Social Settings

Completely uprooting yourself from your friends and family will no doubt be difficult, but the friends you will make during your time abroad will last a lifetime. To make this process a little easier, brush up on your conversational English skills. Jumping out of your comfort zone and into a conversation is much less intimidating when you speak the language semi-fluently. Try first making friends with some of the other international students, then enlarging your circle of friends together.


The importance of driving a vehicle varies by country, and it is extremely important in the United States. Having the knowledge and ability to move freely on their own schedule is a facet of the American culture. Though the driving system in your home country will likely differ from that in the U.S., at least knowing how to operate and maintain a vehicle will be extremely useful during your time abroad. You never know what sort of situation you will be in — it’s best to be prepared for anything.


Though there are a ton of dining options in any given area of the U.S., knowing how to cook a couple staple dishes from your home country is not a bad idea. Not only will it silence a bit of the homesickness you may experience, but it’ll also help in your venture to make new friends. Suggest a potluck in which everyone brings a dish from their home country!

Hopefully these tidbits of knowledge will help your transition to into American culture much smoother. Aside from the above factors, keep in mind that the medical system is also quite different and oftentimes confusing for citizens and visitors alike. Because you never know what you’ll encounter on your time away from home, being prepared by having travel medical insurance is your best bet for a flawless study period. For more information on travel insurance plans, get in touch with Insurance Services of America by calling (800) 647-4589.

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