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Tips for First Time Visitors to the USA

Tips for First Time Visitors to the USA Featured Image

America is often considered the land of the free and the home of the brave. While it certainly takes a brave person to visit the United States for the first time, you will find that the freedoms found in America make it one of the most unique and fascinating countries in the world. Like any other location, there are some things to be aware of when visiting the USA for the first time. Here are some tips that will help you fit in with Americans and enable you to have the best possible trip to the United States.

Try not to get offended

American citizens have a tendency to communicate with friends and even strangers in a very frank and informal manner. Don’t be alarmed if someone says something insulting or rude upon first meeting, since American’s usually talk to each other in an informal and joking style. Don’t get offended by anything you hear at a restaurant or on the street, it is likely that they aren’t talking to you or didn’t mean to provoke you.

When in doubt, tip

Unlike some other countries around the world, the United States is a tip-centric culture. Since tips are generally a major portion of the paychecks of many Americans, this means that you should be prepared to pay an extra dollar or two when dining out, enjoying drinks or having your car parked.

Don’t be alarmed by measurements

On of the quirkier aspects of the United States is a stubbornness and unwillingness to adapt the same measurements used in a majority of countries across the globe. While you may be used to seeing meters and kilograms in your country, prepare yourself for the onslaught of pounds, inches and miles that are used as measurements in America.

Prepare your electronic devices

In the United States, the standard electrical current is 120V, with 60V alternating current. If the electronic devices in your country utilize a different voltage, you will probably need an adapter to charge or use your high tech gadgets.

Upon landing in the United States, you will find that America is no different from any other country. It might take a little while to learn all of the customs of American life, but being aware of these helpful tips can offer a solid starting point to ensure a fun and exciting trip to the USA. For more information on overseas health insurance, contact Insurance Services of America today.

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