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Why You Should Consider Holiday Travel Insurance for Your Cruise

Why You Should Consider Holiday Travel Insurance for Your Cruise Featured Image

If you are taking a cruise anytime in the near future, you should consider making holiday travel insurance a part of your travel plans. Travel insurance can protect you from many of the unexpected events that can occur during your trip, and give you the peace of mind to relax during your vacation. Here are just a few reasons you should consider securing travel insurance before your next cruise.

Trip interruption

If an unexpected event such as bad weather or mechanical issues brings your cruise to an abrupt end, you may find yourself disembarking at the next port of call. While the cruise line may assist passengers during events such as this, travel insurance will reimburse you for out of pocket expenses that the cruise line doesn’t cover. You’ll avoid the hassle of being stuck waiting around for a cruise line to book hotels and flights home for thousands of passengers in the same position as you.

Trip cancellation

When unexpected events force you to cancel your vacation, the cruise line may not refund the cost of your trip depending on how close it is. Even if you are refunded some amount, there are typically cancellation penalties associated with doing so. Holiday travel insurance can cover you in cases such as this, ensuring that you receive near full reimbursement.

Trip delay/missed connection

There are many reasons a flight can get delayed, from harsh weather, to mechanical issues, to everything in between. You shouldn’t be penalized for delayed flights or missed connections that are out of your control. If you miss boarding you cruise liner because of travel delays, travel insurance will cover the expenses associated with either rescheduling or refunding your trip.

Medical expenses/emergency evacuation

It’s always a good idea to have some form of medical coverage when traveling outside of the country. Whether you wind up with something as simple as the flu or as serious as a broken bone, you don’t want to be saddled with the out of pockets costs associated with emergency medical treatments. With more serious health threats, such as heart attack or stroke, the ships sick bay may not be able to treat you. If the next port of call is too far away, a medevac may be the only means of preventing loss of life.

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