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Pet Peaves About Air Travel

Pet Peaves About Air Travel Featured Image

Even the most even-tempered person can get annoyed while flying in moving metal with 100+ other people. Here is a varied collection of pet peeves and wry observations — along with some polite disagreements and a handful of explanations. Many thanks to the contributors, who shall remain anonymous.

The 8 biggest gripes:

“Seatback in the upright position.” Scores of people asked, “Is a lousy two-inch pitch really going to make much of a difference during takeoff and landing?” (See answer, below.)

Security. My original column came at the height of the London bomb scare, unleashing a torrent of complaints about the new no-liquids policy and the goons rifling through your bags. And why, people asked, can duty-free shops continue to sell items that their clueless customers cannot take on the airplane?

In-flight “snacks. “Why bother to give out half-ounce packages?” asked one reader. “I counted, and there were only eight peanuts in a package. I saved mine so as not to spoil my dinner that night.”

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