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Travel Medical Insurance—Peace of Mind

Travel Medical Insurance—Peace of Mind Featured Image

Do you have peace of mind while traveling? The truth is, unexpected illnesses and injuries happen to us no matter where on the planet we happen to be. So why would you take chances, especially with your health:

In December 2011, Mr. An Nguyen contracted the bird flu H5N1 while visiting Hong Kong. He received some treatments at a local hospital in Hong Kong and was air evacuated back to the US.  The medical bill was $300,000USD.

Fortunately, before his trip, Mr. Nguyen purchased a $210 travel medical insurance policy for 6 months. Therefore, not only the medical cost for his treatments in Hong Kong, but also all the cost for his evacuation back to the US and follow-up treatments were covered under the policy.

After getting a call from Mr. Nguyen’s wife, the insurance company quickly contacted the hospital in Hong Kong and arranged his medical evacuation back to the US and began making direct payments for his bills.

Insurance Services of America states about Mr. Nguyen’s story:

This is one of many cases that are fully covered under our international travel plans. Plan costs depend on age and a few other factors, but some rates are as low as $.86 a day and include not only medical coverage, but coverage for trip costs, too. Peace of mind doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

There are still many travelers who do not know or ignore travel insurance. However, once an incident happens away from home, without the ability to communicate in your native language, without access to the resources you’d normally have at home, then most people begin to quickly realize the value of travel insurance.

The insurance available at Insurance Services of America offers 24/7 worldwide assistance including translation services, medical evacuation, help to buy emergency airline tickets and assistance in rebooking hotels or flights in the event your flight is delayed or cancelled. Knowing you have this type of assistance available, no matter where you happen to be, gives peace of mind—the best benefit of worldwide travel medical insurance.