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U.S. Ski Trips and Travel Medical Insurance: Why Preparation is Important

U.S. Ski Trips and Travel Medical Insurance: Why Preparation is Important Featured Image

A ski vacation is the perfect adventure trip for many families, but without the right plan, an accident can quickly ruin your trip. Winter sports are as dangerous and unpredictable as they are fun. However, with proper planning, you can embark on your American ski adventure with peace of mind. Travel medical insurance is one of the most important precautions to take before embarking on a ski trip. There are plenty of reasons why skiers elect to get extra coverage rather than run the risk being unprepared for medical and financial issues. Here are three important realities for non-U.S. residents to consider before planning a ski vacation in the U.S.

You might have to cancel your trip

The expenses add up quickly when planning any vacation abroad, and for skiers, there are even more costs to prepare for. In the event of a last-minute trip cancellation, you could stand to lose a hefty investment. A good ski travel insurance policy will cover trip cancellations, as well as travel interruptions and stolen or lost baggage. When unexpected issues arise, as they often do, having travel insurance could help you reschedule your vacation and minimize your loss.

Skiing accidents are common

Outdoor vacation activities like skiing are inherently risky. When you least expect it, you or one of your fellow travelers may need medical attention. Even the best skiers can have accidents. Even if you are not faced with a serious emergency, a pesky flu could cut your trip short. Insurance can help with medical bills internationally, and some policies cover trip interruptions as well.

Weather can be unpredictable

As seasoned skiers know, snow and other weather conditions are extremely important for your ski trip. If the weather is too warm, you could be out of luck. In the case of extreme weather, you could be facing a cancelled flight instead of a gentle slope down a mountain. Many travel insurance policies cover ski trip cancellations, as well as weather delays.

Make sure you review your insurance plan carefully before you buy, so that all your specific needs are accounted for. Whether you are traveling solo, with a group, or planning a chilly but exciting family vacation, consider travel medical insurance USA before you head for the slopes. At Insurance Services of America, we make health insurance for foreign nationals as easy as ready, set, renew. Call (800) 647-4589 or 01 (480) 821-9052 to learn more.

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