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What are the most common travel accidents?

What are the most common travel accidents? Featured Image

While planning your trip overseas, you’re probably not focusing on all the things that could go wrong. Accidents can happen whether you’re at home or traveling, so it’s important to have a plan just in case. Travel insurance for non U.S. citizens might be a good choice before entering the country, to help you navigate complex foreign healthcare systems in case of an emergency. With all the unfamiliar sights to see, it’s easy to forget to be cautious. Here are the most common accidents that happen to overseas travelers.

Traffic accidents

The number one cause of death across the globe is car accidents, so it’s important to drive safely no matter where you are visiting. Often travelers don’t understand the local traffic laws in different countries. Foreign roads can be notoriously difficult to navigate, especially when you are unfamiliar with your surroundings. Even if you aren’t driving while abroad, keep your head up and pay attention to everything around you. Pedestrians, cyclists, and public transportation can all play a role in traffic accidents.

Trips and slips

The likelihood of trips and slips increases while traveling, so when possible, remember to slow down and watch where you are going. Plan to arrive at airports and transportation centers early, so you’re not hurried to catch a flight or a train. In addition, while sight-seeing and taking photographs, try to slow down and look down at where you are walking from time to time. In your excitement and awe at discovering a new place, you might not see a curb or other obstruction in your path. Wet surfaces are particularly dangerous, so always hold onto available railings and wear the proper footwear for the weather and terrain you are expecting.

Snake bites

One of the best parts of traveling to distant lands is interacting with nature. Don’t let unfamiliar and dangerous wildlife get the best of you. If hiking is part of your journey, keep your eyes on the path in front of you to ensure you don’t surprise a snake. These bites can be particularly fatal especially if there are no nearby medical treatment facilities. Even if you are familiar with reptile wildlife, foreign wilderness can house unfamiliar and deadly creatures. If you encounter a snake, stay calm and get to an emergency room as soon as possible.


Accidents are often unavoidable, one helpful aspect of travel insurance is that your plan includes a toll-free phone number you can call no matter what the emergency entails. Your provider can then direct you to the nearest hospital, find you transportation, or even provide evacuation arrangements if necessary. At Insurance Services of America, we make health insurance for foreign nationals as easy as ready, set, renew. Call (800) 647-4589 or 01 (480) 821-9052 to learn more.

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